Understanding exactly what equipment and services you need for your business’s IT needs can be frustrating. While doing some preliminary research might help, if IT is not your core business, it’s hard to gauge what a sustainable solution truly is.

Expert IT consulting can help drive business growth, and essentially, your organization’s bottom line. This is why at AOM, we offer affordable, comprehensive IT consulting services that will save your company time, money and resources. Our experts have the knowledge, experience and integrity needed to thoroughly answer any questions you have, address all of your concerns, as well as give recommendations for your custom-tailored IT solution.


With our IT Consulting Services, you can expect:

Dedicated Staff. A member of AOM will always be available to point you in the right direction.

Planning. Anything that could happen, has already been we’ve already considered. We’ll inform you of any risks and give guidance on solutions for all possible challenges that might arise.

Expert Advice. Our unique experience allows us to give unrivaled advice quickly and efficiently.


Some of the areas our clients often need consulting for include:

  • Initial IT Evaluation and Planning
  • Compliance Audits (HIPAA / PCI / SOX)
  • Software and Hardware Upgrades
  • Security Evaluation and Management
  • Data and Threat Protection
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

No matter what stage of the IT process you’re at, AOM offers IT consulting that will meet your needs. Learn more.